Evan Hovorka

VP of Product and Innovation, Albertsons Companies

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Evan Hovorka is Vice President of Product and Innovation at Albertsons Media Collective, responsible for building innovative and profitable Marketing technology. 

A deep understanding of retail media, digital identify and ad tech partnerships define his 20-year career. Previous roles include managing digital media channels for Target and driving product and partnerships for Roundel, taking the retail media network from launch to its first Billion-dollar year. 

Evan designs and builds patented, industry-leading products. He is most comfortable collaborating on a whiteboard and takes pride in co-creating new ideas that solve modern problems. His experience with innovation, data, privacy, and business needs is unique in the growing retail media sector. 

He is a strong supporter of diversity and empowerment in the workforce, he has a track record of building high-functioning, progressive teams where all are welcome. 


Evan holds an MBA and a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.

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