David Sloan

Accessibility as a driver for usable digital products

A Talk by David Sloan (Head of UX, TPGi)

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About this Talk

Accessibility for people with disabilities is all-too-often neglected as a product quality, and when it is considered, is often treated as a compliance effort, a way to meet minimum requirements or avoid legal issues. In fact, a focus on accessibility can help drive product quality – creating more usable, more robust, and ultimately more valuable products for users.

Prioritizing accessibility in a sustainable way requires a deliberate approach that starts early in the product development process, and is a shared responsibility across the product team. Product leaders are uniquely placed to drive accessibility efforts, through establishing and articulating accessibility requirements, communicating requirements to stakeholders, assigning responsibility for accessibility to team members, managing third-party relationships, and providing teams with the tools and support they need to meet their responsibilities.

Drawing on many years of experience working with organizations to build accessibility strategy, this session will explore how a focus on accessibility can align with a broader goal of creating optimum user experiences for all, and ways in which product leaders can effectively tackle challenges and lead efforts to build inclusively designed, high-quality digital products and experiences.

Through this session, you’ll learn:

  • How accessibility aligns with technical, business, and user-focused product goals.
  • Methods for effectively establishing and communicating accessibility requirements.
  • Ways to build and sustain an accessibility-aware product team that can deliver accessible and usable products.
  • How to effectively include people with disabilities in the product design and development process.
  • Tactics for dealing with challenges and barriers to meeting accessibility objectives.

About The Speakers

David Sloan

David Sloan

Head of UX, TPGi